A smart solution to streamline time tracking and boost productivity for global businesses with remote or in-house teams.

Screenshots Every Minute

  • Custom screenshot intervals
  • Proof of work as images
  • Idle screenshots removed

Daily Work Video

  • Quick view of day’s work
  • Estimate productivity in seconds
  • Select screenshots to monitor tasks

Record & Assign Tasks

  • Quick view of day’s work
  • Clarify queries on-spot
  • Add comments on tasks

Intelligent Task Reports

  • Determine efficiency via stats
  • Automatic screenshot(s) classification
  • See active windows & time spent

Task Productivity Tracker

  • Monitor tasks logged
  • Track project progress
  • Adjust deadlines to prioritize tasks

Real-time Screen Monitoring

  • Diffuse the work gaps
  • Monitor remote employees
  • Streamline workflows

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